• Steve Turner, REALTOR

Our Personal Power to Influence

The power of greatness is within every one of us. Some know how to use this power or exercise their greatness to lead while others keep it to themselves or may even be unaware they process such powers at all. With an ever changing market place where great change is in the wind, now more than ever is the time to find your greatness and prepare to lead. To quote John C. Maxwell “Leadership is influence”. Who do you influence or lead? And how?

Essentially the point I am trying to make today is how every one of us is capable of leading no matter whom or where we are. Leadership is not just positional. In our own way we all have the ability to influence others, so how are we putting this influence to use? Let’s look at a few pearls of wisdom and see how we can harness leadership guidance from each no matter what your role or position in an organization is currently:

“Where there is no vision, people perish”

Sales Leadership: This is your golden opportunity to motivate and rally a team, make sure your vision is clearly communicated to all members. Once everyone is on the same page and knows what results are expected, people will follow and will set out with purpose to do their part.

Sales Reps: Why wait for someone else’s vision to be shared with you? As a true sales professional you should have your own vision or goal to follow. Take a moment right now to create your own vision and lead yourself with purpose towards full filling it.

“Become the change you want to see”

Sales Leadership: No surprise. You are the one responsible for setting the highest stands for your followers. Do as I say and not as I do, is unacceptable and will never accomplish any results.

Sales Reps: You are your own person. Whether you seek a different attitude, treatment or level or respect, it all starts with you. You can’t control others but you can directly influence yourself, become what you desire most and then be the role model for others. Try it and see just how much you can actually influence others.

Again, we all have the ability to influence each other. With this posting my purpose was to get people to identify their own power within and let their true professionalism shine. (As a sales trainer & personal development coach, that’s what I do! I know, totally shameless plug.) I will leave you with one last pearl to ponder:

“In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all” Mahatma Gandhi

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