• Steve Turner, REALTOR

If you call me, speak when I answer!

As a REALTOR I often get inundated with lots of calls. Many end up being telemarketers looking to sell me. Listen, I understand that and am always looking to take anyone’s call even when my caller ID thinks the call is possibley spam.

However, what I can’t stand is having to answer the phone and say hello 2 or 3 times or more. That’s the worst. If your a telemarkete, find a better phone dialer or better yet, make a real call. These damn robo calls piss me off. if you call me, and I answer your call, then you better start talking! I’ve got no time for anyone who really doesn’t have the time to really call me.

what about you? What’s your biggest pet peeve or aggravation from telemarketer?

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